About This Site

Hello there! What’s this site about, you ask? It’s the answer to a frustration I had with getting my local news on my phone.

When you look at news online, it’s generally national news, unless you find the link for local news somewhere…. even then, it’s general county-wide news, not specific to the actual city. While perusing through news, I’d also notice that I’d often ignore pictures, pay attention only to headlines and then read the opening lead of the story. Another frustration I had is that whenever I’d look down on my phone at night, the black text on the bright white screen would be incredibly annoying around 10PM. This site’s current data tells me that there thousands of you that feel the same way!

So what’s a developer to do? Create a site with local news that’s specific to the covered region, of course! AND build in night and day modes for reading, to boot. Throw in some spunky colors, content filters plus sharing options and, well, that’s what this site is all about. It’s a light-hearted, hyperlocal content aggregation service that will, hopefully, provide you with some original content at some point, too. Until then, I hope you find this site useful or insightful and keep checking back for more features as I add them =) If you’d like to contribute or support this site, message me at mike@folsompress.com. Hakuna Matata!

Former News Editor-turned-Developer

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